A Girl Crush

Apparently this song is copping some flak because people think it’s about lesbians (and really, so what if it is?) and it’s being pulled from radio stations. Idiots. It is about the universal feelings of jealously, and obsession, and that torturous merry-go-round your mind goes through when you think about your ex and the girl he is now with. People may be getting confused because of the line ‘I wanna taste her lips’, but listen to the rest of the line and you hear ’cause they taste like you’. The song doesn’t actually assign gender pronouns to the ex, simply referring to them as ‘you’.

I love this song. It is a deeply soulful, yearning ballad, and I sure know what it’s like to be a little obsessed in my thinking when it comes to my ex’s new girl. What does she have that I didn’t? Why is she in your sheets instead of me? If I had her hair or her touch would it be me that you want? I know the feeling of wishing I was her. I personally wouldn’t use the word “crush” to describe my feelings towards her, but, hey, music takes poetic licence with words and that’s one of the reasons why the genre is so powerful, and the word isn’t completely inaccurate.

If people wanted to get bent out of shape because of a song about lesbians, there are plenty of others. Katy Perry’s “I kissed a girl” is the first one that comes to mind. And how about pulling songs off the radio about rape and degrading women instead?

What do you think?