Book Review: Women Are Crazy; Men Are Stupid

When I borrowed Manslations from the library, I picked up Women Are Crazy; Men Are Stupid by Howard J. Morris and Jenny Lee (a couple) at the same time. This book was not as good, which is why it’s taken me a little longer to read and review.

The premise of this book is that women are crazy (and irrational and hard to figure out) and men are stupid (and do stupid things and don’t think). The authors base this on their own relationship, and Jenny is indeed crazy. For example, Howard bought her flowers. Her favourites are peonies and they only have a very short season. Howard went to three different stores and could only find two (one of which had not yet bloomed). He bought them home and presented them to Jenny. Her reaction? Flipping out and expressing criticism that they weren’t better. For goodness sakes, woman! Your man went to great effort to get your favourite flowers and you don’t appreciate it. You didn’t even like the one that hadn’t bloomed (which in my opinion is a great find because you get to enjoy the flower for its whole life, rather than just as it’s dying). Sure, I get that maybe you were expecting dozens, but if your favourite flower is hard to find, you should have at least a little understanding of what that means (i.e. you may not get dozens).

Jenny just got on my nerves. She tells the story of how she bought an expensive pair of boots she couldn’t afford and then tried to think about how to fool Howard about how much she had spent. Yep, dishonesty and lack of trust is such a firm foundation for a relationship!

Basically, Jenny comes across as hyper-critical and hard-to-please. I’m a woman and I thought she was crazy. Howard comes across as a little dopey, but actually kind of sweet and not completely stupid.

To be honest, the book wasn’t interesting enough to remember much. So don’t bother with it unless you have a lot of time on your hands to read.

Now, don’t get me wrong. What I do/say can go into the “crazy”, too. I tend to over-react and over-think (as a previous post has established). Thankfully, with the right guy the “crazy” won’t be a deal-breaker. At least, I hope so.


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