Being An Over-Thinker

So, I mentioned in my last post that I’m an over-thinker, which you probably gathered if you’ve read any of my other posts.
A friend posted this link [14 things only over-thinkers will understand] on Facebook the other day, and I got to #2 and went TRUTH!

Some of these apply more to me than others. For example:

#6 is not so true for me… Online dating and being deleted left right and centre will cure your need to over-think a deletion (except in very special cases).

#10 – SO OBVIOUSLY ME! It’s like my brain is writing a choose-your-own adventure.

How about you? Are you an over-thinker? Do you think you’re dating an over-thinking and would like some insight? Leave a comment!


One thought on “Being An Over-Thinker

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