BAM! Deleted.

This is a conversation I just had online, from the moment I accepted his contact request up to the moment of deletion. (To give you some context, I mention my star sign in my profile and list my eye colour as ‘other’. According to his profile, he’s an artist and had some of his pencil work as pics on his profile).


[Contact request from SG accepted]

Me: Great drawings!

Him: omg how long is your profile
let me read it properly

ok i remember now. One: your shoe photo made me laugh. Two: do you really think that the asterism behind the sun has when you were born pre-determined your personality? And what other colour are your eyes?

Me: one – good. 🙂 I thought it was funny, too. two – no, not really, but there are some vague correlations. The Myers-Briggs is a better indicator.
They are blue/green/grey.

SG has removed you from their contacts or deactivated their account.


For fuck’s sake…. What did I say? Should I not agree that the photo was funny? Do you not agree that there are vague correlations between star signs and personality? That’s fine – give your own opinion and start a discussion. Or are you just put off that my eyes can’t be described as a single colour?


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