Dream a Little Dream

Is it just me, or does anyone else harbour a secret belief (ok, more like wishful thinking or superstition, I guess) that if you think about your crush enough, the cosmos (or whatever) will make him think of you? [Then, of course, is the possibility that he pops into your mind because he’s thinking of you!]

Despite the fact that I’ve had this hypothesis proven to be incorrect, I can’t shake this belief. I think of him and it just doesn’t make sense that the cosmos (for lack of a better word) wouldn’t arrange a psychic connection which puts me in his mind, too.

Then there are the dreams. I am quite sure everyone has had at least one dream about a crush at one time or another. Occasionally the dreams get muddled up with all your demons and other flotsam floating around in your grey matter, but these dreams can be pretty good. How can he not be dreaming of you?

You get what I’m talking about, don’t you.


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