Pushing People Away

This article [The Real Reasons We Push People Away] is quite interesting.

It can be very frustrating to be interested in someone who has no follow-through, whether that is from a “he’s just not into you” standpoint, or whether from being scared to start something. It’s frustrating because you can’t tell which is which.
I felt this way with J. I saw and felt SO MUCH potential with him, but he played hot and cold and I couldn’t figure out if he just wasn’t interested or what. If he just wasn’t interested, I gave him plenty of opportunities to say so and leave, but every time he assured me he was. And then nothing.

I don’t think I’ve ever pushed someone away because I was scared. Well, no, I sort of did with T (not sure if I’ve talked about him). Basically, I was scared of getting in too deep with him, because I was in love and I wasn’t sure if he was and I needed to protect myself. As I referred to in this post, I wasn’t sure I could trust T with my heart, so I did push away a little to see if he would pull me back.

He didn’t.

I’m looking for someone with follow-through and throw-down.

Where is he?


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