Online Dating Profile of the Day

I’m back with snapshots of profiles. The following two (different guys) both sent me a contact request on the same night – yay for me!


This guy went from wanting to “share his life on a casual basis” to only being willing to share a bed on a casual basis. I hate to tell this guy, but only sharing a bed is, in no way whatsoever, sharing a ‘life’. Then again, maybe he doesn’t have much of a life to share…


This one’s looking for casual fun with someone married. That’s an easy “no way in hell” response from me, but at least he’s honest about what sort of guy he is. Any single girl who hooks up with him thinking he’ll form a relationship with them (because of course he’ll realise they are the ‘right person’) can’t complain when he doesn’t make anything other than a booty call.


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